Things that Attracts Negative Energies In The House


Negativity attracts negativity is a fact. So things are also distinguished as negative, positive and normal which can turn out to be the harbringer of your house. Know what all are these things which attracts negativity.

Mahalaya Pitri Paksha: Do’s and Don’ts

1. Having mess all around the house

Messed up house is a sure way to attract negative energy to your house. So a house must always be neat, clean, well managed and tidy.

2. Dirty clothes

Wearing dirty clothes not only carries germs but it is also considered as a bad vastu in the house.

3. Deities in the house

All the statues of god and goddesses should be kept separate from each other and should not face each other. Deities facing each other attracts negative energy.

4. Keeping sweets in hand.

Sweets should not be kept in hand for a long time they should be eaten immediately as someone offers you because it attracts negative energy.

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