These Things Are Ruining Your Post Workout


Doing workout in the gym is quite common as everybody wants to stay fit. But there are times when your skin seems to be going in another direction. The skin produces sweat during the workout session which makes your skin oily and tiring. There is thus very obvious that the combination of sweat and skin is not good. So, here are few things you should not do while working out.

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1. Sweaty towels-

Several bacteria and infectious germs are present in a sweaty towel. Using such towel on your face can easily cause acne and other skin infections. It is also important to know that towels washed in harsh detergents can also worsen up your skin problems.

Image result for sweaty towelsThat is why it is suggested to take a proper shower just after the workout, instead of rubbing your face with towels or hands. Allow the sweat to evaporate by it’s own.

2.  Stay hydrated- 

Dehydration can become another enemy of your skin. So you should as much water as you can, both during and after your workout. The other options through which you can hydrate body are water rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, oranges etc.

Image result for 6 ways your workout is ruining your skin3. Focus on good equipment-

People easily neglect the side effects of gym equipment like bar weights, yoga mats etc., and forget that before them other people have also used the same equipment. Any contact with these bacteria can leads to illness, skin infections and other health problems. Thus, every time you use the gym equipment, make sure to clean it with anti-bacterial wipes.

Image result for Focus on good equipment gym

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4. Good environment is a must-

Working out outside the gym is an amazing feeling as everybody loves the feeling of the sun rays on our faces. So keep this in mind to apply some skin protection before you start your workout.

Image result for 6 ways your workout is ruining your skinDirect UV exposure is very harmful for the skin. It causes damages like premature ageing, increased risk of skin cancer, dark spots, dark circles and many more. Before working out outside, do not forget to apply a water-resistant sunscreen with at least a factor 30. Sunscreen therefore is a must.

5. Swimming can be risky-

Chemicals present in water can also leads to skin irritation, dryness, rough skin. While swimming, chlorine enter into the skin cells can wash away the natural oils or water substances causing the surface of the skin to dry and crack.

Image result for 6 ways your workout is ruining your skinSo, take shower thoroughly because cold water is very beneficial after workout. It helps to prevent any swelling from the workout.

6. Big No to Cosmetics-

Say no to cosmetics for the sake of your skin. The make up products get mix with the oil of your skin and thus blocks the pores, resisting them to produce sweat.

Image result for Big No to Cosmetics-Apply a good cleanser to your gym kit. It is crucial to give your face a fresh look, because it is not enough to work hard on your body if you look tired with your face.