Things you did not know about Reliance Jio


1.They hope to partner with digital entrepreneurs

Reliance Jio will make room for young organizations and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the platform they are building. This won’t only accelerate their growth, yet will likewise give them chances to form strategic partnerships.

  1. Reliance Jio was called IBSL

Not long after the broadband wireless auction (BWA), in June 2010, RIL purchased a 96% stake in Infotel

Broadband, which had won 22 circles in the BWA. Although they were unlisted, they were worth over Rs 4,800cr, and were the only company to gain

broadband spectrum in all 22 zones of India. They began to work as a telecom subsidiary of Reliance, and later in January 2013, they were named Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

  1. Jio should be launched in 2015

RIL at first planned on launching their Jio services towards the latter half of 2015, however could just come to a beta launch, which was kickstarted by Shah Rukh Khan on the December 27,enabled Navi Mumbai. The representatives of Jio and their families were made to utilize the service for testing purposes, and it is presently open to the masses after many reforms and changes.

  1. For the young, by the young

With 60,000 representatives onboard, Jio boasts of a population of young personalities working towards building the best data service that there will be in the nation. The average age of workers at Jio is 30.

  1. LTE enabled smartphones are on their way

We all know that RIL is going to use (Long Term Evolution) LTE technology, but not all phones are

going to be able to support it. RIL joined hands with Intex in June 2015 for the supply of 4G-enabled handsets with the Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) highlight for better use of Jio services.. January 2016 also seen the launch of RIL’s own line of cell phones under the brand name of LYF.