Things you should never do while driving ‘A Manual Car’


Driving a manual car is not as hard as it seems. Once you master the art of driving a manual car, it changes into one the most joyful thing that you would promisingly cherish throughout your life.

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Here in this article we are telling very simple things we tend to do while we drive a manual car. These below mentions pointers the mistakes we never suppose to do while driving a manual car.

  1. Don’t you ever rest your hand on Gear lever:

When we derive a manual all we see is a gear lever we don’t see the inside mechanism of the gear lever transmission. When you are driving and while changing gears with the gear lever, the selector fork, which is stationary within the manual transmission is pushed against the rotating collar, and the collar is pressed into the gear that you want to choose.

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So, resting your hand on the gear lever after shifting the gear may cause the selector fork to come in contact with the rotating collar and hence it can cause premature failure of the selector fork.

  1. Don’t make your clutch pedal your foot rest:

While driving, resting your foot on the clutch pedal would cause the harm to the clutch pedal as it tend to engage the clutch pedal only half and can result in sudden slippage. This act of resting foot on the clutch pedal will only reduce the fuel efficiency due to loss in transmission energy and it would also cause the clutch plates to exhaust prematurely. Another component that may get affected by this act is the diaphragm bearing only partially.

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  1. Don’t leave your car in gear at a Red light:

If you turn off the engine of your manual car at any signal, the best thing you can do is to shift your car gear lever from occupied to neutral. While the throw out bearings are generally designed to outlast clutch, it’s still better that the clutch doesn’t stay depressed for a longer duration of time, as it puts the throw out bearing in contact against the diaphragm spring and can cause it damaged very early.

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So never forget to shift your car gear lever on neutral while you are at a stop signal.

  1. Always use ‘correct gear’ to gain speed:

Might be the top gear of your car would allow you travel at higher speed at low engine RPM and thereby saving fuel. But, to gain speed you should go through the gears progressively and properly. You should never jump the gearing sequence because this would prevent the engine from undue strain. You may strain the engine in two ways, first, if might be using a lower gear at higher car speed causing the engine to reach redline. It’s better to progress to a higher gear before the reaching  redline or when the gear indicator tells you to shift the gear.

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