Do these things before leaving home to get success in life!


Often the person works hard to fulfill his every task. Despite of working hard, sometimes they couldn’t able to fulfill his duty. In fact, few people are always deprived of success most of the times. But if these tasks are done before leaving the house then you will get success in every work.

Everything you need to know about the Nine Days(Navrati)

It is considered auspicious to eat jaggery before leaving the home. By doing this, your task will get complete without any interruption.

JaggeryBefore leaving home, bow your head in front of the temple or idol situated in the house. After doing this for 2 minutes, you will get lot of success in work.

If you are going out of the house for some work, make sure that you offer Chapati to dog or whatever creature appears on the way.

Image result for dog eating rotiBefore leaving home for some auspicious work, make sure that you consume curd along with sugars.

Keep these things in mind during Lord Ganesha worship

In Hindu words, it is considered effective if you utter Dahi Macchi, VijayBhavh Shree Ganeshaay nam, sab shubh ho, Mangal Yaatra Ho. Make sure that you chant these words before leaving home.

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