Things done by woman lead to poverty in the house, according to Vaastu


Cleaning the house

On the off chance that a lady cleans and wipes the house herself, it is said that she ought to do that before the sun rises. On the off chance that she cleans the house after the sun rises, it can prompt to neediness in the house.


A lady ought to scrub down when she is done cleaning the house – a late shower can prompt to destitution and pain in the house.


It is said that cooking for the family resembles cooking for God – thus a lady ought to enter the kitchen simply after she is done washing up and not before that.

Eating sustenance

It is said that a lady ought to offer her petitions to the God and offer prasad before she eats anything herself – eating before offering sustenance to Goddess Laxmi can make the Goddess annoyed with you.


Combing after nightfall is said to be awful Vaastu – abstain from brushing your hair at night – this can make Goddess Laxmi exceptionally irate.

Getting bothered

A house where a lady is continually getting furious or aggravated never remains glad – consequently, a lady ought to abstain from getting irate or disturb with no reason. Give us now a chance to take in more about some other Vaastu tips that can get riches in the house.

Water body

Try not to develop any water body, for example, swimming pool or pool in the South West corner of the house – this can acquire neediness and pain in the house.

Money locker

Keep your trade locker out such a path, to the point that it opens up toward the North heading of the house – keeping a photo of Kuber in the money locker prompts to flourishing in the house.

Mess free

Despite the fact that your whole house ought to be kept perfect and clean, it is particularly imperative that your North East corner remains mess free. You ought to likewise abstain from building stair case around there.

Elevated structures

Ensure that there are no elevated structures before your home – this can impede the stream of flourishing and bliss in the house.

Bended dividers

With regards to limit dividers of the house, keep them straight and don’t explore – bended and uneven dividers can discourage the inflow of riches in your home.

South West part

With regards to the zones of the house, dependably keep the South-West roof of the house higher than the North-East bit. Get your incline developed in such a way.

Thicker dividers

Not just this, ensure South and West dividers are thicker than the North East dividers of the house.

Lower level

Houses that are thought to be at an indistinguishable level from the street or different structures are said to have great Vaastu – don’t get your home developed at a lower level than that.

Money plants

Keep some indoor plants and a cash plant in the South-West part of a house – this is said to balance out the deluge of riches in the house and lessen neediness.

Clutter point of the house

Continuously keep the focal point of the house mess free. Try not to get anything built amidst the house. You can in any case, get a sanctuary built here.


With regards to the passage of the house, make it as lovely and beautiful as you can. Hang some favorable signs, for example, Swastika on the primary entryway of the house to draw in success.