Do these things on Diwali 2017 to make Goddess Lakshmi happy


Everyone is eagerly waiting for Diwali festival and this time the festival of Diwali will be celebrated on October 19. This day is considered very special for every Hindu people. On this day, people at home worship Lord Lakshmi and Ganesh ji to get happiness and prosperity. If you also want Lord Lakshmi to come at your home, then you should definitely do the work before Diwali festival. This will help to provide positive energy at home and the negative energy will be dispelled. By doing so, your coming year will be full of happiness and you will never face situation of lack of money. Check out the measures here:

Diwali 2017 : Never do these mistakes during worship of Goddess…

(1) If you want happiness and prosperity at home, then use this tips. Wash the main door of your house with clean water, if your doors are of iron, then color them and make Swastik on it.

(2) If a plaster of wall in the kitchen and drawing room is broken, then get it repaired soon as it is very unlucky for the house.

(3) If you have borrowed money from someone, then give the loan back before Diwali because in the scriptures it is stated that Lakshmi never enters the house if your loan is left. So first try to repay the loan.

Image result for Do these things on Diwali 2017 to make Goddess Lakshmi happyThis miraculous temple offers saffron from Goddess Durga Maa’s flame

(4) If the garbage is stored on the roof of your house then clean it before Diwali. It is believed that when the roof becomes clear, the problems related to stress gets solved. So, keep the roof of your house clean so that you do not face any kind of problem.