Things you should carry if you are travelling in India during summer

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Bryan Adam’s ‘Summer of 69’ was a smash hit in India however we can’t say the same in regards to the summers of India. The otherwise versatile nation heats up like a fireball amid the summer season and can get real nasty with travellers who dare hit the streets under the blazing sun (or for that matter, a setting sun; temperature may drop but the humidity floats around a similar level). The hill stations (barring a rare few) are additionally observing a visible change in temperature. Said so, they get colder towards the evening however that does not take away the way that the scorching days have already soaked in all your juices.

This however comes with another side to it. Because of the infamous summers, Indian tourist hubs see lesser footfalls which means they become quieter and easier to explore in a peaceful manner. Some consider it as an opportunity and choose to brave the heat for a relaxed vacation. This is the reason India, in spite of its ruthless summers continues to attract visitors (both local and international), however lesser as compared to fall and winter. Many consider summers in India as off season but if you take care of a few aspects, going in India amid summers can likewise be entertaining.

Here are some must-carry things if you are going in India amid summer:

  1. Water bottles: It is said that the essence of water in India changes in every couple of kilometers and believe it or not, it is true! So to be erring on the safe side and if you want to be assured of your health, we suggest carry mineral water bottles with all of you the time. You will discover them in every corner of any Indian city destinations but be extra cautious when you are in off-the-track destinations like some far off hill station or dessert location.
  2. Glucose drink: Along with water it is advisable to carry ample amount of glucose drink with you. The boiling sun will dry you out of your body liquids and dehydration is a common health problem in Indian summers. So keep yourself hydrated and keep tasting from the glucose drink bottle. Trust us; water is not going to be sufficient!
  3. Energy bar: The toppling sugar levels of your body can turn out to be a major health hazard in Indian summers. We don’t suggest you feel yourself up with heavy meals all the time as it could back off your touring plans with unforeseen stomach issues. A healthy belly guarantees a happy vacation after all! So keep energy bars handy. Get a good sum from the first general store you come over and be prepared to battle the heat.
  4. Wet tissues: Summers in India come with sweat and oily skin which may lead to numerous unwanted facial discomforts. Washing your face in regular intervals is a good thought however you would not just want to splash any sort of water on your face, isn’t it? And utilizing drinking water for washing is also not a wise plan. So carry wet tissues with you. The additional flavor and refreshing specialists in them will help you have a clean and cheerful face.
  5. Sunglasses: The UV rays hits you the hardest in the summer season and they are additional ruthless to your eyes. So double check your shades before you hit the outdoors. Aside from UV rays, one more aspect propels the requirement for a pair of shades. Some tourist hubs with abundant white or other light reflecting colours may make an issue in viewing. For instance, the Taj Mahal, with all its white marble will almost blind you on a sunny day.
  6. Cotton clothing: Your wardrobe for an Indian destination in summers should be filled with cotton or linen garments. If you wear nylon, polyester or some other fancy fabric in Indian summer, it will just add to your woes. Cotton shirts and trousers (for both genders) are the best alternatives for summer travel gear.
  7. Sunscreen lotion: The uncovered skin of your body risks getting sun burnt in the day. So keep the sunscreen cream handy and apply it generously on your face and arms. If not carrying a tube, ensure you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt so you can roll down the sleeves if necessary.
  8. Hand sanitizer: To keep your hands clean, you can use a hand sanitizer. Just water is not really going to be sufficient. Soaps have their own dark side.
  9. Mosquito repellent: Summers in India is infamous for mosquito related ailments, not to mention the irritation they cause! So have mosquito repellent creams with you all the time. Convey mosquito repellent module gadgets for your hotel room also.