Thieves obsessed with purple colored Bikes held


UDAIPUR: A bike thief who has been troubling the local people, from over past six months has been finally caught by the local Police on Wednesday.

Shockingly, the hoodlum who admitted to have lifted three many motorbikes and bikes had submitted all the robbery alone not at all like the standard packs that work plannedly.  Jagdish also known as Bherulal Suthar had a fixation for purple colors and in this way the greater part of the bicycles and vehicles he stole was of the specific shade.

The blamed is an inhabitant for Rishabh dev who has professedly lifted more than 36 bicycles and bikes from Hiran Magri, Bhupalpura, Pratap nagar and Surajpole territory. “He has a heap of copy keys and lifted bicycles from people in general stopping openings arbitrarily. He would leave the vehicle stopped at open spots for two days to escape capture at check focuses and afterward sold it for small add up to engine mechanics on a few or the other affection,” Heramb Joshi, SHO Surajpole police headquarters said.

Somewhere in the range of 30 vehicles have been recouped and the rest of the too would be seized, said the officer.