Thieves Leave Handwritten Note confessing to the crime that they had done


In a bizzare episode, a couple of criminals who broke into a home in the US state of Texas and swiped electronic gear abandoned notes admitting to the wrongdoing in youngster like penmanship.

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The theft occurred in southwest Houston on Monday after the uneducated burglars went into the house while mortgage holders were out for the day.

They scoured the spot, taking a PlayStation off a mantle in the parlor and afterward going upstairs to take portable workstation, reported today.

Joseph Alvarado and his little girl got back home to locate the front entryway partially open and incredibly found the two seriously composed notes scribbled in kid's penmanship and covered with incorrect spellings.

One of the letters expressed: "I stole your suffe (sic) on the grounds that my borther (sic) let me know not to."

The other note began with "We" crossed out. The author then scribbled, "I broke in…haha…and took your PS3, controlers (sic), recreations, and computer…by: a child haha."

Mr Alvarado was sincerely pulverized subsequent to perusing the whimsical letters since he shows custom curriculum to center school kids.

Due to the tyke like nature of the penmanship and punctuation, he suspects the pair might be kids.

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