Thief Does A Little Dance After Stealing Wallet From A Car, Gets Jailed


Birmingham: This thief couldn’t contain his joy after finding cash inside a wallet he’d stolen from a car. Surveillance video shows Kamayi Matumona busting some moves on a sidewalk in Birmingham, central England, in the early hours of Jun. 29 to celebrate his ill-gotten gains, worth around $65.

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But his upbeat mood didn’t last for long. Cops arrested the 31-year-old just days later, and he’s now been jailed for 22 weeks after pleading guilty to the theft at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court last Thursday.  “We couldn’t believe it when we saw the footage,” West Midlands police Sgt. Alan Lawless (yes, really) said via a statement. “He may have felt like dancing at the time but he looked pretty miserable when we knocked at his door to arrest him.”

The footage was posted to YouTube on Saturday and is now going viral. Police said Matumona, who is unemployed, has a “criminal track record of theft, shoplifting, criminal damage and vehicle interference.” “Unfortunately there will always be opportunist criminals looking to take advantage of sloppy car security,” Lawless said.

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