These things will fulfill all your wishes during month of Shravan!


Significance of Shravan

Worshipping Lord Shiva with full devotion with havans and pujas during the month of Shravan can help you in impressing Shiva. During this course of time, women too worship Lord Shiva by fasting every Monday and offering milk to the Shiva idol. It is said that mostly women keep Shravan Somwar Vrat to get husband like Lord Shiva.

Samudra Manthan and Shravan Maas

Shravan is a very significant month in Hinduism as the Samudra Manthan' happened during this month. During the churning of the ocean a terrible poison called Halahal came into existence. Lord Shiva came forward and swallowed this poison to stop it from infecting the Universe. That is why, this month is totally dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Importance of Shravan Month!

Puja rituals in Shravan maas

According to the ancient texts by doing the correct rituals and puja vidhis you can easily impress Shiva that can precisely leads to the desired fruit.

Somwar Vrat

You can keep fast on Mondays and impress Lord Shiva. While worshipping offer milk, sugar and rice on the Shiva linga every morning. Recite this Shiva Mantra for better results— Om vande dev uma pati surguru vande jagatkaaranam l Vande pannagbhooshan mrugdhar vande pashoona pathim ll Vande surya shashank vahni nayan vande mukundpriyam l Vande bhakt jana-ashraya ch varadam vande Shiv-Shankaram ll

5 crucial gems in order to gain wealth and prosperity!

Do's in Shravan maas

1.Regular recitation of Shiva Chalisa every morning after taking bath can bring you luck and prosperity.

2. Offer Bhibhuti, Panchamrut: Offering milk, bhibhuti, Bilva leaves, honey or sugar are good things to do during Shravan.

3. If you are planning to wear Rudraksh then this is the most auspicious month of wear them. There are many benefits of wearing these beads. You can either wear it or use it to do the japs.

4. These are few things to do during the holy month of Shravan. Offering Bilva leaves to Shiva is considered as auspicious but never pull bilva leaves on Ashtami, Chathurthi, Navami, Amavasya, Sankranti and even on Monday. It brings bad luck and negativity.

5. Keeping Sphatik Shivlinga can eradicate all negative energy from your house. Worshipping this kind of Shivlinga during Shravan is considered as highly auspicious.

6. Don't forget to do Shiva-Parvati aarti in the evening. By doing so in the month of Shravan, it is said that Lord Shiva gets pleased easily and bless you with good life partner.

7. Mangala Gauri Puja is also done during this month. In fact, some of the most rewarding vrats (fasts) of the year are undertaken during this very month.

8. Literal meaning of the word ‘Shravan’ is ‘to hear’. During this month, devotees should listen to all things good – things that help them progress on their spiritual journey. The fifth month in the Hindu calendar, Shravan Maas is meant to be utilized by devotees by listening to spiritual discourses, sermons and noble words.