These facts about the Nidhivan temple will blow your mind!


1. Mystery or miracle?

All of us have visited or at least heard of the Nidhivan temple in Vrindavan. While the authenticity of the story behind it cannot be vouched for, it nevertheless is amazing to read about this “God’s own abode” in one of the holiest town of the country.

2. Where is it?

Nidhivan is a sacred temple of Bankey bihari which is situated at Vrindavan. The major part of the temple is surrounded with huge bushy forests.

3. Where does it derive the name from?

The temple derives its name from Nidhi meaning Treasure and van meaning forest.

4. Hollow trees

An amazing part of the forest is that all trees and hollow here and have their branches twisted downwards.

5. Greenery all around

Also the land at the temple is really dry – still the trees remain green all throughout the year.

6. Trees or gopis?

It is said that these trees are in fact ‘Gopis’. After nightfall, they perform maharasleela with Shree Krishna and Radha Rani.

7. Connection with God

Those with wholesome devotion feel something amazing and attractive in this place. From all over the world, devotees come here to worship the unique form of god.

8. Life all around

There is also an abundance of monkeys and chirping birds in Nidhivan. All the priests and devotees chants mantras in this place and makes the surrounding pure and religious.

9. Story of the well

There is also a small well inside the area. It is believed that one while performing raas-leela; radha became thirsty and Krishna built a well with his flute and quenched her thirst.

10. God in all its glory

Inside the temple, there is a beautifully decorated and an attractive statue of Radha-Krishna. Thousands of devotees visit here and offers prayers.

11. Restricted Entry

It is believed that after nightfall, Shri Krishna himself comes here and performs ‘Maha-raasleela’. Many locals have claimed to have heard the sound of "ghungroos" at night.