Theresa May, accused of blackmail over trade deal


Just after one day has passed since the Brexit took effect, but problems already show up. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is already under fire. She has been blamed of blackmail over a trade deal.

The previous evening, Theresa May experienced somewhat of an issue with Brussels and she proposed that she could pull back the operation they have together for security. That, if they don’t agree to close a fair deal.

In her letter for Article 50, May cautioned the European Union that it’s bad to attempt to harm her nation, particularly amid these circumstances.

The person who blamed her for shakedown is the Brexit arbitrator from the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt.

As a reaction to May’s recommendation, the pioneers of the EU said quickly that they would not concur with her and close an exchange bargain. For the time being, at any rate, they are not going to do such thing, they should first arrange how they will withdraw.

In the near future, they will start the negotiations. On a course of two years, the British authorities and the pioneers of the European Union will have a lot of dialogs. Everybody wishes for the prosperity of the both.

There are still a great deal of cynics that don’t trust in Brexit and believe it’s the most exceedingly terrible thing that would ever happen to the both groups. The French president, Francois Hollande, imagines this would be greatly awful for the British.

On the other hand, Mrs May cannot wait for it to take effect properly. She thinks that this is the best thing for her nation.