There turns out to be a simple solution for a frustrated mum to help her with ongoing cupboard dilemma


When you have an issue these days, you can go down the antiquated course of approaching your loved ones for guidance.

On the other hand you can simply share your difficulty on the web, where a large number of individuals are simply enduring to help you.

One mum who had a truly baffling issue in her kitchen had it fathomed by web-based social networking clients when her companion, Tseng Shao-Tsen, posted a photo of the predicament on a Taiwanese Facebook group.

She presumably didn’t eat soup for some time – on the grounds that she couldn’t figure out how to get her dishes out of the pantry.

On the off chance that she opened the way to attempt to alter the issue, she took a chance with every last bit of her ceramics tumbling out and crushing everywhere throughout the floor.

Would it be a good idea for her to relinquish the dishes or acknowledge she can never utilize the pantry again?

Fortunately, many individuals were close by to offer assistance.

The post has gotten more than 16,000 responses and 400 remarks.

Some proposed to soften a sheet of glass up the cupboard entryway and take the dishes out that way, yet despite everything you’re left with a breakage.

Another said she ought to put some thick covers on the floor to get their fall.


Tseng Shao-Tsen told the media: “She opened one entryway somewhat and utilized her hand to hold the plates, then she pushed the entryway encourage.

“All plates were protected.”