There Is No Need To Feel Stigmatized If One Doesn’t Have A Biological Baby: Aamir Khan


For couples who are attempting to have child, they ought to take heart from the way that even Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao went for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). As indicated by Kiran, after the Birth of Azad, their life was brimming with bliss and euphoria. "Both Aamir and I had almost given up the hope of having a baby through natural process. Despair and disappointment was bound to creep in. But it was then that we realised that all is not lost. We decided to go in for IVF,'' Kiran Rao was quoted as saying in a report.

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On his part, Aamir says that there is no need to feel stigmatized if one doesn't have a biological baby. "In this age of technology and medical miracles, IVF has come as a blessing for couples who find it difficult to have babies through natural process,'' the actor was quoted as saying. The actor also says that the joys of parenthood are many; and the only thing that comes in the way of such happiness is certain inherited prejudices which we need to jettison as fast as we can.

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