“The whole country has become a censor board”, says Irfan Khan


Mumbai: “Udta Punjab” movie controversy is going from last one week' and its troubles with the censor board have dominated headlines in the past few days. 

 Actor Irrfan Khan said he is surprised that it has become a “big issue” and the whole country has become a censor board.

"There are various issues that are going around the world. That never reaches us. It's a strange fact that some magazines who have the integrity have written about a state and reported about the severity of the crisis, and ten years later when a film is made on it based on that state, suddenly it becomes such a big issue”, said Irfan Khan.

"My problem is with the fact that we don't even know if it is a censor board or a certificate board. It's a certificate board; it's not a censor board, Irfan said.

The whole country has become a censor board in such a way that if some issue is raised someone makes an issue out of it," Irrfan said at the launch of the song 'Dama Dam' from his film 'Madaari'.