“The Untold Story” reveals details about Evergreen Bollywood Diva “Rekha”


Evergreen Bollywood Diva Rekha's open persona was as tumultuous and turbulent as her own life. In the new account Rekha: The Untold Story composed by Yasser Usman, distributed by Juggernaut, the author annals her life and days and a portion of the passages from the book uncover points of interest that are, well, must be perused to be accepted. 

Constrained Smooch on a 15-year-old Rekha 

While shooting her first film Anjana Safar, in Mumbai's Mehboob Studio, a 15-year-old Rekha needed to continue, what might today be called as 'attack', in the hands of the film's chief Raja Nawathe and its star Biswajeet Chatterjee. Just before the shoot, Raja and Biswajeet had everything arranged, down to the last detail. The scene that should have been shot was a sentimental scene. As per an extract from the book distributed in The Times of India, the minute Raja said 'activity', Biswajeet snatched Rekha and squeezed his lips on her mouth. Anything about the kiss had not been specified to Rekha. While the camera continued rolling and the whole team continued shrieking and cheering, the chief yelled "cut" for five minutes, as Biswajeet continued kissing a clueless Rekha for full five minutes. Rekha had firmly shut her eyes however they were loaded with tears. 

At the point when Vinod Mehra's mom just about beat up Rekha with a chappal 

As per a movie producer, in a portion distributed when Vinod Mehra, Rekha's reputed spouse, took her to his home in Bombay, in the wake of getting hitched in Calcutta, Vinod's mom was very unfriendly to Rekha. She purportedly pushed Rekha away when the on-screen character attempted to touch her relative feet. She declined to give the new "lady of the hour" a chance to go into the house. She continued mishandling and mortifying Rekha who continued remaining at the entryway. Vinod attempted to hold matters under control however his mom was excessively fomented. She purportedly removed her shoes and just about struck Rekha with it. Rekha, befuddled and hurt, started running towards the lift, with tears in her eyes, as a group started assembling around the level. Her significant other, Vinod, tailed her and requested that stay at his home till matters got to be typical. 

Whenever Rekha, wearing sindoor and mangalsutra, arrived up at Rishi-Neetu wedding 

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh were getting hitched on January 22, 1980. Neetu and Rekha were dear companions. The's who of the film business were available at RK Studios, wonderfully decked up. Likewise present at the wedding were Amitabh Bachchan, his better half Jaya Bachchan, and his folks. 

All of a sudden, Rekha made an 'outstanding section', wearing a staggering white sari, with a red bindi on her temple, and, all around, red sindoor on her hair. The cameras soon moved far from Rishi-Neetu and focussed on her. 

As indicated by a Cine Blitz report on the occasions of that night, Rekha strolled up to the focal point of RK Studios' patio nursery and remained there. Be that as it may, her eyes continued meandering towards Amitabh Bachchan who was addressing executive Manmohan Desai. Before long, Rekha strolled up to Amitabh and started talking. They were seen talking formally, however as per a report in Stardust magazine, "Jaya attempted to keep a stoic front for quite a while, yet in the end she needed to twist her head and let the tears move down." 

Later, in a meeting, Rekha said that the sindoor and mangalsutra were a piece of a film she was shooting. She had neglected to evacuate them on her way to the wedding straight from the shoot. Notwithstanding, in 1982, at a National Awards capacity, where Rekha was being honored for her execution in Umrao Jaan (1981), she broadly said, "In the city I originate from, it's elegant to wear sindoor". 

What prompted Rekha's significant other Mukesh Agarwal's suicide? 

In an extract from Rekha: The Untold Story distributed in Mumbai Mirror, Mukesh Agarwal was clearly experiencing unending discouragement and was not very satisfied with Rekha's acting vocation, and every one of this, combined with post-divorce injury, prompted him conferring suicide. 

Purportedly, it was Rekha who made the primary telephone call to then-rising business person Mukesh Agarwal. She was hoping to get settled down while Mukesh was a lifelong enthusiast of the star. Before long telephone assembles prompted conference and inside a month of knowing each other, the two got hitched. 

In any case, soon, Rekha became acquainted with that Mukesh had ceaseless discouragement, which evidently, kept running in his family. He was additionally required with his specialist 'Akash Bajaj'. Before long, breaks showed up in the marriage as Mukesh started displaying unpredictable conduct. He kept Rekha oblivious about his falling flat business, turned out to be excessively tyrannical and began humiliating her by leaving his work in Delhi and coming to Bombay and sticking around on her sets for reasons unknown. 

On October 2, 1990, seven months after their marriage, Mukesh, who supposedly appeared to be glad on the game changing day, as indicated by his sibling Anil, conferred suicide. In completely cloudy style, he tied one end of Rekha's dupatta to the roof fan, made a noose out of it and afterward hanged himself to death with it. 

A national witchhunt took after. Individuals everywhere throughout the nation beginning detesting and disgracing her as an inhumane man-eater. An enraged Anil Gupta, allegedly, said, "My sibling cherished Rekha really. For him affection was a do or bite the dust endeavor. He couldn't endure what Rekha was doing to him. Presently what does she need, does she need our cash?" 

Akash Bajaj joined the group also. "I am irate at his passing and totally incensed with the individual who made this him. I need to lash out and inquire as to why?," said Bajaj. 

Shockingly, executive maker Subhash Ghai likewise gave his bit of brain and assaulted Rekha. The Karz chief supposedly said, "Rekha has put such a blotch on the substance of the film business that it'll be hard to wash it away effectively. I think after this any respectable family will reconsider before tolerating any on-screen character as their bahoo." 

He didn't stop there. He included, "It will be extreme even professionally for her. No reliable chief will work with her until kingdom come. In what capacity will the crowd acknowledge her asBharat ki nari or insaf ki devi?" 

Anupam Kher, Rekha's co-star in numerous movies around that time joined the chorale. He said, "She's turn into the national vamp. Professionally and actually, I believe it's blinds for her. I mean I don't know in what capacity will I respond to her on the off chance that I encounter her."