The tallest cow in the world which weighs 164st and is 6ft 4inches tall


A goliath cow-like called Danniel, who may simply be the tallest dairy animals in the world. Danniel measures an astounding 164lst and stands at an amazing 6ft 4 inches tall.

What’s more, the colossal Holstein steer has a beast hunger to run with his, eating four times more than a customary dairy animals every day.

He secures 100 pounds of roughage, 15 pounds of grain, beverages 100 gallons of water, and creates 150 pounds of droppings – consistently.

However, regardless of his grandiose stature, Danniel is much the same as a “huge puppy ,” as indicated by his glad proprietors.

Proprietor Ken Farley, from Eureka, California said: “We initially saw that he was unusually enormous when he was around six months and he was being jug nourish.

“Toward the end of six months he would simply thump the jug out of my hands and was just too enormous to handle.”

Danniel’s proprietors have now had him gauged for Guinness World Records trying to have him formally perceived as the world’s tallest guide and are avidly anticipating the outcomes.

The past holder of the tallest cow crown was Blossom, a 6ft 2in dairy animals from Illinois who kicked the bucket at 13 years old in May 2015 .

Ken included, “Holsteins are known to be substantial creatures, they’re know for their size, however he is somewhat taller than the normal Holstein.

“To the extent being unique in relation to different creatures he just eats increasingly and drinks more.”

12Tragically, his gigantic mass has implied that Ken and Ann could no longer keep Danniel and have now discovered him a perpetual home at Lost Coast Hay Farm.

The chief at the homestead, Tom Parker said: “The normal size steer would be around 4 ½ feet tall versus the 6 foot 4 that Danniel is.

“The normal guide would eat around 20 pounds of roughage a day and perhaps five pounds of grain a day.

“Danniel eats around 4 times the sum that a typical bovine would eat.”

The ranch is anticipating building an animal dwelling place for him to remain amid the chilly climate where individuals can come and visit him for nothing.

Also, proprietor Ken is persuaded the durable control will be satisfied to meet his guests who’ve come to respect the massive cow-like.

He clarified: “Daniel was raised as a pet so his disposition is quite gentle.

“He’s sort of like a big puppy.”