The strongest recall value for Jamai Raja was and still is me, says Ravi Dubey


Actor Ravi Dubey always shares a special connection with Lucknow. “Not many know but I've been to Lucknow several times. The first property that my dad bought, some thirty years ago, is in Lucknow in Vaibhav Khand, Gomti Nagar.” He said.

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“The connection with the city was established as my father's very good friend, Hasan uncle, is from Lucknow. So, my dad and I used to come here often to meet him.I used to roam around in Hazratganj and old Lucknow till late at night and eat non-veg food. Aaj bhi aate hi maine Tundey Kebabs khaye hain," Ravi said.

In spite of the fact that Nia Sharma, his better half in the show has stopped post the jump protesting playing a more established character, Ravi says he is setting down deep roots in the appear. "I jump at the chance to complete what I have begun. The most grounded review esteem for the show was and still is me. I would prefer not to convey a wrong message to my fans by abandoning it mid-way. Additionally, I am content with my track," he says.

Ravi and Nia's on-screen science had increased the warmth in the appear however the two co-performing artists were known to not be companions, all things considered. "We are in an imaginative space, along these lines, the need is to draw in my viewers and make them accept what they are viewing is genuine. Nia and I didn't talk for quite a while. I don't know how this circumstance came up however one fine day, following three months of shooting together, I saw that she had reservations talking and collaborating with me. Be that as it may, at long last in the wake of cooperating for over two years, the two of us chose to sit together and deal with our disparities. The arrangement worked out and now we are decent companions," said Ravi.

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