The Japanese government’s fiscal 2017 budget request for 3 years topped 100 trillion yen


Japan's annual budget requests from government offices for the third consecutive year to 100 trillion yen ($ 963.76 billion) stimulus spending to revive flagging growth part of it is at the top, a draft obtained by Reuters showed.

The Requests, will be announced later on Tuesday, a record 102.4099 trillion yen initial budget request for fiscal year 2017, compared with a total of 101,4707 trillion yen.

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Japan underscores a challenge for higher spending, as it needs to rein in a huge debt burden, with tries to balance development priorities. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pro-growth fiscal policy spending requests, the Bank of Japan negative interest rate policy got a boost from lower borrowing costs is supported by.

Ministry of Finance budget requests check and trim them before it will draft an annual budget in December. This year's initial budget hit a record 96.7 trillion yen.

Japan, more than twice the size of its economy in the industrialized world to rein in the huge debt burden, while preventing the need to revive the economy should be facing.

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