The allegation against Faf is a joke, says Hashim Amla


The South African Test group remained in solidarity with their occupant Test skipper Francois du Plessis after he was accused of a Level 2 offense by the International Cricket Council for ball altering. Hashim Amla fronted the press at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and was joined by the whole South African group and its bolster staff.

Amla stated that the group accepted du Plessis had done positively no off-base. "The reason everyone is here is to stand together and to show solidarity to what has been something we really believed was a joke," Amla said. "It's not April. In any case, the charges against Faf were truly, for us, a ludicrous thing and as a group we are remaining steadfast.

For us it is fundamentally a joke. The young men are here, remaining steadfast." Faf du Plessis had been required with a level 2 offense by the ICC, for 'changing the state of the ball in rupture of Law 42.3' amid the second Test against Australia in Hobart. In this way, du Plessis argued not blameworthy to the charge. The charge against du Plessis was forced "after TV footage seemed to show him applying a manufactured substance to the ball amid the fourth day's play in the second Test in Hobart," the ICC said.

 "I bite bubblegum while I am handling. Do you need me to brush my teeth after lunch each time I turn out?" Amla included. "You must be legitimate about this, judgment skills most likely ought to win. On the off chance that I have something in my mouth, folks are distributing red froggies at lunch time to give the children, keep them hydrated, invigorate them and we are in the field for two hours. We eat nuts, biltong, that kind of thing. There was no malignant expectation."

 "I am simply attempting to clear what we believe is a completely wrongful affirmation made on our commander. We are remaining in solidarity to our skipper who has done literally nothing incorrectly. It's really clear what we are attempting to do you here.

As I said, we've done nothing incorrectly. In the event that there was any uncertainty at all, you wouldn't have the full group here. We've recently fundamentally done nothing incorrectly," he summed up. Du Plessis could be suspended for one Test in the event that he is discovered liable of the level two charge.