Thank You PM Modi for Win In Madhya Pradesh By-Polls, Says Chief Minister


Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his policies at the centre for his party the BJP's victory in by-elections in the state today.

The BJP posted big wins to retain the Shahdol Parliament seat and the Nepanagar Assembly seats, both of which fell vacant as the sitting BJP lawmakers had died.

" I want to congratulate the PM and his policies.  I have seen how people support us… It shows that the government is working in the right direction," said Mr Chouhan, who presides over a huge majority in the Madhya Pradesh assembly and whose party won 27 of the state's 29 Lok Sabha seats in 2014.

The by-elections to four Parliament and 10 assembly seats in six states were the first polls since Prime Minister Modi's sudden announcement earlier this month abolishing 500 and 1000 rupee notes in an attempt to eliminate corruption and black or untaxed money.

Senior union minister Ananth Kumar of the BJP today said the paty's win in the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh and in Assam, another express that the party rules, flags the general population's support for the notes boycott, which has been condemned by an assembled resistance drove by the Congress for making hardship the poor in the midst of a money crunch.

The BJP, whose parliamentarians passed a determination today supporting the PM's "challenging activity," has said it is certain that those holding up in long lines at banks and ATMs for apportioned new cash, are "lining for another India."

The Congress, the BJP's central rival in Madhya Pardesh, had based its battle in the most recent few days for the by-races on the effect of the demonetisation. It called attention to that the BJP's triumphant edge in both seats has significantly diminished and affirmed that it was on the grounds that the notes boycott has contrarily affected the general population.

"Not genuine," said Gyan Singh who is the new Lok Sabha MP from Shahdol. He credited the smaller edge of win on farmeres and ladies working in fields being not able free themselves from work to vote.