Texas Prisoners break out of jail to save guard’s life..


Sydney: Eight handcuffed Prisoners of Texas busted out of their cell and saved the life of a prison guard having a heart attack on Sunday. WFAA-TV reports the jailer continues to recover from an apparent heart attack. The June 23 incident was captured on surveillance video at the district courts building in Weatherford.

The inmates were in the basement of District Courts Building in Fort Worth city awaiting court appearance. The guard, who was alone and posted next to the cell, had been cracking jokes with the inmates when he suddenly collapsed in his chair due to cardiac arrest.

The prisoners then began shouting for help but no one was there nearby. One of them managed to break the cell door and approached the fallen guard. “They grabbed his radio and tried to radio for help,” Capt. Mark Arnett with the Parker County Sheriff’s office told to media.

By hearing the commotion, deputies upstairs came down and called for emergency personnel to perform CPR and used a defibrillator to shock his heart. Arnett said that that the prisoners’ breakout likely saved the guards life. The guard, who doesn’t want to be identified is healthy now and is returning to work on Monday.

“We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us,” Nick Kelton, an inmate who referred himself as a meth addict often landing in Jail, told ABC affiliate WFAA, which first reported the story. The cell’s locks have been strengthened after the inmates’ escape for a good deed, WFAA’s report added.