Tesla on Autopilot collided with a bus on a highway


Police in northern Germany say a Tesla being driven with its Autopilot sysytem engaged collided with a bus on a highway.

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But, Tesla says the Autopilot was not at fault.

Ratzeburg police say that the accident happened Wednesday evening on a stretch of superhighway around 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of Hamburg. The Tesla driver was marginally harmed.

Police said in an announcement Thursday that the 50-year-old Tesla driver told officers he had utilized the Autopilot. It wasn't quickly clear whether police had themselves affirmed the Autopilot's utilization, and calls to the Ratzeburg police region weren't addressed late Thursday.

A Tesla representative in Palo Alto, California, said Thursday the Autopilot framework was on and worked appropriately in the episode, taking into account discussions the organization had with the driver and powers.

The framework couldn't have kept the accident in light of the fact that the transport swerved into the Tesla driver's path while the Tesla was by the transport, the organization said.

Tesla overhauled the Autopilot programming this month taking after a dangerous accident in May. In that crash, a driver utilizing the framework was executed when his Model S vehicle struck a tractor-trailer in Florida.

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