Tesla electric car Model-X SUV launched in India, know features


American Automaker Company Tesla has unveiled its electric car model-X in the Indian markets. Tesla’s Model X SUV car photographs has gone viral on the social media.

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Tesla’s Model-X SUV car has hi-tech features. The USP of this car is its self-driving feature, Tesla autopilot, which separates it from other vehicles. Apart from this, the air suspension and dual tracks equipped with GPS, including Bluetooth devices, touch screen system make it a vigilant vehicle. In addition to these features, there are cornering lights, electric all-wheel drive, with LED headlights.

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The engine

Its top speed is 250 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, two electric motors have been given in it. In the base model, both the front and rear motors together generate generating power of 259 bhp. According to the company, once full charge, this carriage travels 381 kms.