Terrorists snatched 5 guns from policemen guarding TV tower in Kashmir


Terrorists wearing armed force uniform raged a police picket guarding a TV tower in Kashmir's Anantnag region and evacuated with five administration rifles of the policemen posted there, a police official said today.

24 people killed and 50 injured in the stampede in Varanasi on Saturday

"Activists in battle uniform jumped into the watch room of TV tower at Dalvash in Dooru range of Anantnag area at around 12.30 AM and overwhelmed the cops guarding the establishment," the police official said.

The officer said the psychological oppressors evacuated with three SLR rifles, one carbine rifle and one INSAS rifle from the cops of the India Reserve Police at the tower.

Security powers have been put on a caution in whole south Kashmir to find the fear mongers who evacuated with the rifles.

In another episode, psychological oppressors opened fire on a police post guarding a minority group in Sirnoo range of Pulwama area before the end of last night, the authority said.

He said the police staff struck back constraining the fear based oppressors to escape from the spot.

"There were no losses in the episode," he included.

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