Terror outfit ISIS is not a challenge: Rajnath Singh


Hyderabad: On Sunday Union home minister Rajnath Singh conveyed he does not look at the terror outfit ISIS as confront as he considers that Muslims in India love their nation.

“I’m sure the threat of radicalisation by ISIS won’t be a matter in our country because people who follow Islam in India love the nation,” he conveyed while talking to the media following attending the three-day annual DGP conference at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy.

He has also further conveyed that, I have affirmed clearly that no guiltless should be troubled and none of the offenders should be spared.

 He has also furthe4r conveyed adding that, Mr Singh said the conference argued the emerging security scenario and challenges faced by the police.

The conference argued issues like challenges of terrorism, radicalisation, cyber-crime, road safety and airport security. The conference was attend by 100 DGPs and IGPs.