Terrific 2017: Mishaps all over the World


2017 has been challenging and unpredictable which led to ample number of death and it wasn’t just life loss but, a property loss as well! A truck bombing in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu killed over 500 people in October was the biggest and terrific terror attack of 2017. Then a drastic attack at a nightclub of Istanbul which happened January killed 39 people. These attacks weren’t less than one more took over in month of May at concert in UK’s Manchester killed 22 people. These tragedies were hard to gulp down in same very year then in October US’Las Vegas was striked by an attack which killed 58 people.

Nearly 12 died in New York City apartment fire

Apart, from terrorists activities natural calamities even took over Dozens were killed when Texas was hit by hurricane Harvey on August 25, and that paralyzed the city of Huston with torrential rain and winds which exceeded 200 Km an hour.

Even Russia, has suffered several terror assaults in this year in month of April, the attack killed 15 people and dozens were wounded.

Before the year ends one more tragedy took over at Cairo around 9 people were killed when gunmen opened fire in front of Coptic Orthodox Church.

At Least 32 died in Saudi coalition air attacks in Yemen

The assault targeted the Mar Mina Church in the southern Cairo neighborhood of Helwan. As per the reports, one gunman was killed by the cops.