Telecom mobile operators invested Rs 12,000 cr to setup 60,000 towers


New Delhi: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has decided to invest about Rs 12,000 crore to install about 60,000 towers to check call drops in India.

This decision was taken by telecom secretary J.S. Deepak on Friday.

TRAI has claimed one more teeth which includes fine of up to Rs 10 crore on operators and jail term of up to two years for their executives.

On the demand of TRAI, Deepak stated, "Business as usual cannot happen. I am not sure penal power will be one and final solution to this. In my personal opinion I do not agree that for every call drop a person has to be sent to jail.”

Mobile operators have committed to install 60,000 towers to improve service quality, the secretary said.

"Government believes in the telecom sector. The quality of service must improve and industry has responsibility. They have committed 60,000 towers. Each tower cost about Rs 20 lakh which is around Rs 12,000 crore. The industry will make this investment in next three months", Deepak told reporters after his first industry review meeting.