Telangana : 17 year-old girl killed by parents, grandmother



The girl had fallen in love with a guy belonging to a different caste.

In a mistrust case of  ‘Honour Killing’ a 17 year-old college-going girl was killed by her parents and grandmother in Adilabad district of Telangana on Saturday as they feared that she would  elope with a youth from another caste, police said.The incident took place at  Neradigonda village.

Lakshman Singh strangled his daughter to death with the help of his wife Chandrakala and mother Panchavati at about 3.30 this morning, inspector K Nagendra Chary said.

The girl had asked her lover who is from another caste to come to the house.

When the youth went to her house last night, Singh had a heated exchange with him. "Afterwards Lakshman, his wife and his mother decided to kill the girl and used a dupatta to strangle her," the police officer said. The family apparently feared that the girl would elope, which would bring them disrepute. Lakshman has two more daughters, Chary said.

The three accused had been detained and probe is on, he added.