Tejas Express: Nearly 337 headphones stolen since debut, Railways to now give headphones worth Rs 30


Following the completion of just four round trips since the debut of luxurious Mumbai-Goa bound Tejas express a total of 337 headphones which were provided to the passengers for the entertainment systems on-board the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express were stolen, a railway source said.

For its fifth trip on Saturday from CST, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) if minimal effort earphones.

The IRCTC representative did not affirm the quantity of missing earphones, but rather said that it had purchased 1,000 earphones, each costing Rs30

The Indian Railway had acquainted the frameworks with give a flight-like travel understanding for travelers.

The train has 990 seats crosswise over 13 traveler mentors, including an official mentor that has more agreeable seats with neck and leg rests.

The framework has preloaded games, movies and songs, other than FM channels. For the initial four outings, earphones of a main brand were given over to travelers before the begin of the travel.

However, after the first trip itself, the train returned with less earphones, harmed infotainment screens and waste strewn everywhere.

The cost of every earphone was around Rs200. The new ones will cost Rs30 each, a source said.

“Numerous travelers don’t restore the earphones before landing and bring those with them suspecting that its cost was incorporated into their ticket fare,” said a specialist on the train.

He said the on-board staff are presently anxious that IRCTC may recoup the cost of missing earphones from their compensation.

Without providing food benefits, a Tejas Express chair car and executive chair car amongst Mumbai and Goa costs Rs 1,285 and Rs2,585, separately.

As indicated by an IRCTC source, from Friday’s trek, rather than conveying earphones to the travelers, staff members issued the earphones to the travelers subsequent to noticing down their seat points of interest and gathered it from them.

It impressively cut down the quantity of missing earphones, the source said.

In the interim, a large number of the 990 infotainment screens were likewise discovered harmed.

As per authorities, travelers harmed the catches of three screens by squeezing hard on them with a protest. There were scratches on many screens.

Numerous travelers who gone on the train on Friday whined about unappetizing nourishment and poor WiFi.

Travelrs who picked the non-veg lover supper were served an omelet with rusk, juice, jam and butter.

Veggie lovers, who were served upma with rusk, a cupcake, tea, juice, jam and butter, additionally said the dinner did not live up to their desires.

Moreover, WiFi was just accessible to travelers going in the executive chair car, and even they griped about powerless signs and association issues.