Teenagers Put Swastika on Chihuahua’s Head, consider as Part of Cruel Prank


To find a dog with the Swastika Symbol near your house can be scary.

A woman in Phoenix, Arizona, was shocked when she saw her neighbor’s Chihuahua at her door with a swastika painted on its forehead in red nail polish.

The woman, who is black American with three adopted children of mixed race, saw the dog on Thursday.

She feared by thinking that it was a message towards her, according to her cousin, Sally Andrade.

“’Is this a message towards me? I have to protect my family.’” She said.

Numerous online portals took it as, reflecting the current national tensions over Nazi and racist imagery.
However, officers from the Glendale Police Department, who visited the house where the dog lives over concerns of animal neglect, said this incident was “prank.”
Two teenage boys, one Filipino and one black, admitted they painted the swastika on the dog’s head with red nail polish as a joke.

According to the sources “the 2 boys started by painting the dog’s nails, then its ears and, finally, the swastika, It was just a couple kids doing something as a cruel prank.”