Teenage Girl Sexually Assault At Hyderabad Orphanage


In a private orphanage in Hyderabad a 14-year-old young girl, living in that orphanage has been being sexually manhandled by the man who is responsible for taking care of their welfare.

The Class 9 student revealed to her teachers that in the early hours of the morning, he would call her to his room and abuse her.

A complaint has been filed against that man, and the girl has been moved to another home in Nimboliadda range.

Police are on the lookout for Jadi Madhav, the originator of the orphanage  Aadarana.

In April this year, a video that demonstrates a gathering of high school girls from a Hyderabad orphanage, with around 200 children, clearing a manhole around their hostel emerged. The authorities who run the orphanage were reserved.

In March, another case of child labour had become visible, when a teacher of a government school in the states Ranga Reddy area constrained students to work. For almost a month, students at Shivarampally ZP High School works to wreck an old compound wall.