Teen girl killed by Facebook friend who posed as woman



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Indore: A man professedly wounded to death a high school young lady whom he had become a close acquaintence with on online networking acting like a lady.

Amit Yadav (24), who made the record by the name Atharva, additionally assaulted the young lady’s mom.

Police said Yadav cut Priya Rawat (17) at her home in Geeta Nagar territory here on Tuesday. When her mom Kiran attempted to intercede, Yadav cut her as well, injuring her basically.

Palasia police headquarters in-control Rajendra Soni said the young lady succumbed at the doctor’s facility while her mom was experiencing treatment.

Yadav had purportedly become a close acquaintence with Priya through a fake Facebook profile of a lady, and used to visit with her on the web. When she discovered that this Facebook companion was in actuality a man, she quit conversing with him, Soni said.

The denounced informed her on Monday saying he would come to meet her on Tuesday. He turned up at the young lady’s home and inquired as to why she had quit visiting with him.

Priya let him know that as he had misled her, she would not like to have any contact with him. Infuriated by the answer, Yadav wounded her with a blade furthermore assaulted her mom who came to help little girl, he said.

He then hopped from the second floor of the house to escape and broke his leg. Police have conceded him to a doctor’s facility. He seemed, by all accounts, to be rationally unsound and further examination is on, Soni said.

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