Teachings from Bhagvad Geeta


Don't be a silent watcher.

When something wrong happening around us and if we personally felt so, then, don't be afraid to raise your voice.Maybe, our voice can change others way of watching a thing. Raising our voice is nothing to do with shouting and screeching to present our views, but expressing our views in a very convincing and humble manner.

Dalai Lama discussed how to obtain The Ultimate Happiness in a interview!

Don't make materialistic things life's ultimate goal

Remember, everything in this world is a diversion from our reality and If we really want to find our true self then, we should search it inwardly instead of peripherally making views on the basis of pre- defined facts.

We all are magnet of miracles

In Bhagwat Geeta, at one point Lord Krishna made Arjun familiar with his truth and said; I am Shiva, I am Vishnu, I am you and I am everything, the only difference between you and me is awareness i.e. I am aware and you are still attached to this hallucinated world. This same power lives within all of us, we only need to awaken this self then, watch the miracles happening all around you! Thank you and Hope you like it!

Perform good deeds without expecting fruits of it

We should perform good deeds in our life even when no one is seeking us and not even with the expectations of bearing a fruit out of it.When we do good deeds without any expectations of reaping the same in future then, it feels very free and good from inside.

Always speak your truth

This we have heard many times that always speak the truth but, we also forget it very often and as a result when we tell a lie it begets many lies and at last we get entangled in our own woven web i.e. completely baffled. Therefore, speak the truth even when it is too difficult because it makes our life easier and peaceful, which I think is the most important priority in our lives.

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