Taxis on Strike in Mumbai


Mumbai: Autos and Taxis on strike in Mumbai. Tuesday in progress with taxis creased up at the stands. With barely any cab in a row on the road, it became a confront for the people to travel. Not just the autos and taxis but, even Ola and Uber cabs had congested operations. Separately from Ola split, no other cab was accessible. Uber, though, had totally stopped its services. The strike was called by the taxi drivers to gripe next to the fares charged by cab. On Tuesday Government officials are predictable to get together to come up with a feasible answer.

The continuing thrash about to transport app-based cabs and government regularized auto rickshaws and taxis at equivalence has begun in a quantity of states, including Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka. A day-long strike began in the metro city from the morning to push for their anxiety.

KK Tiwari, Mumbai President of Swabhiman Union conveyed that if their demands are not met, then the combination would be required to open a concentrated campaigning. Previously, it had wrote a correspondence to Maharashtra transport commissioner with a duplicate to state transport minister Diwakar Raote and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis challenging to ban the entrance of mobile submission driven cabs such as Uber, Ola, Meru etc.

Now The Delhi government is setting up a higher limit for all taxi providers. No cab service provider, counting Uber and Ola, would be permissible to exceed the government’s rate. This will give an appropriate environment for every person to function. Shashank Rao, Sharad Rao’s son, who has taken over the management of the Mumbai Autorickshaw-Taximen's Union, elaborated on their demands. He conveyed that,”We want breeze rules for everyone. Once those are in place, having a regularized fare meter is normal,” It leftovers to be seen if the matter will be determined cordially in Mumbai or the protesting sequence will turn with Ola and Uber dramatization a gripe subsequently.