Tata Motors : SC ruling a penalty, may tap export markets


Mumbai: Today, The country’s biggest automaker Tata Motors said the Supreme Court’s ban on selling BS-III models was “unexpected and unprecedented penalty” on the entire industry.

“The Supreme Court order prohibiting offer of all BS-III vehicles from April 1 is a startling and uncommon move that will materially affect the whole car industry, OEMs’ and merchant organizes and is a punishment to the whole car industry,” Tata Motors said in an announcement.

The largest commercial vehicles maker observed that the industry arranged the recent transition into BS-IV in accordance with the acknowledged routine of ceasing generation of prior discharge standard vehicles viable from the move date and is additionally under the overall laws.

Before the court verdict, Tata Motors managing director Guenter Butschek had told correspondents that if the decision conflicted with the business, he would need to investigate send out chances to clear the unsold stock to business sectors like Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

He likewise completely said “there is no innovation accessible to redesign a BS-III vehicle into a BS-IV one.” On its traveler vehicles business, he said it has

been creating BS-IV agreeable vehicles over our whole item extend and are completely BS-IV prepared.

Without measuring the misfortunes or the volume of restricted units, the organization said it is evaluating the effect of the request that are lying unsold on April 1, at both organization and dealerships.

In an announcement, the second biggest business vehicles producers Ashok Leyland’s overseeing chief Vinod K Dasari said he has just negligible BS-III stock.

“We have been making BS-IV vehicles since 2010 and has sufficient capability and capacity to make these vehicles. However, since BS-IV commercial vehicles cannot run properly on BS-III fuel, and such fuel is not available nationwide, our customers continued to buy BS III vehicles,” Dasari said.

On the BS-III stock, he said a large portion of the unsold units will be sold in the following couple of days.

“Of the little inventory that we expect to remain beyond this, we will export them to other markets, where we have significant presence and still operate on BS III norms. For any other vehicles still leftover, the company confirms that it will be able to easily upgrade them to BS IV at minimal cost.”