Tasty Pizza Paratha make at Home


The more delicious it is to eat junk food, the more harmful the health is. In such a way, instead of feeding junk food to your children you feed the pizza parathas. Pizza Parathas will love your children and they will not insist on eating junk food. Along with this, the health of children will not be bad either. Pizza Parathas can be easily made at home. The recipe for making pizza parathas …….

Recipe of Kesari Paneer Tikka

Material –

  1. Kneaded dough

2. Ghee

3. Content for Topping: – Leaf cabbage finely chopped, Capsicum finely chopped, Carrot finely chopped, Tomatoes cut finely, Tomato sauce, Cheese, Salt to taste

Kadai Paneer Recipe

Method :- Take a slightly thick pea layer from the kneaded dough and compress it a bit lightly on the pan. Then remove the Paratha from the pan and put some tomato sauce in it. After this, add all the finely chopped vegetables and put the cheese tightly above it and put salt on it. Then fry the prepared paratha pizza on low flame and fry them on a medium flame for a while. Tasty Paratha Pizza is ready.