Taraji P Henson claims that she was paid far less than her fellow actors in Benjamin Button


Another memoir by Empire star Taraji P Henson asserts that she was paid far less than her fellow on-screen characters, saying she was ignored for a part composed for herin favour of a white colleague.

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In Around the Way, she additionally shares that she was paid under 2 percent of what co-star Brad Pitt got for the Academy Award winning film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", reports theguardian.com

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Taraji assumed the part of receptive mother of Brad's character, a part for which she won an Academy Award assignment in Supporting Actress class, however was compelled to pay for her own particular settlement costs for the shoot.

"Both Brad and (Cate Blanchett) got millions. Me? Anxiously, I sat by the telephone for a considerable length of time, sitting tight for Vince (her administrator) to call and let me know the number that I thought would make me feel great: some place in the mid six figures – most likely an insignificant rate of what Brad was conveying home to Angelina and their lovely children, however something deserving of a strong exceptional on-screen character with an OK measure of basic approval for her work," Taraji said.

"Tsk-tsk, that demand was dead on landing. 'I'm sad, Taraji,' Vince said unobtrusively when we at last associated. 'They came in at the most minimal of six figures. I persuaded them to include somewhat more, yet that is as high as they'd go.' There was one other thing: I'd need to consent to pay my own particular area charges while shooting in New Orleans, which means three months of inn costs would come specifically out of my pocket. Affront, meet harm," she included.

The on-screen character, who is viewed as Cookie Lyon in Empire season 3 in India, additionally got a compensation parcel far not exactly expected.

Taraji included that she played the part as so few were accessible for dark ladies.

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