Tan Remover: Ready in minutes


Every girl is troubled by the problem of tanning. Whether it is Summers or Winters the problem of tanning persists. In such situations gilrs cover their whole body while going out, which is not recommended for a longer period of time. And when the intense sunlight turns the skin black it does not look great. Girls hereof due to the problem of skin tanning does not wear cut sleeves. That is why we will show you how to prepare an anti-tanning scrub at home with natural remedies.

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For making scrub:

Take some cucumbers and some sugar. Then depreciate the cucumber to take out its juice. Now take the eroded cucumber and add aloe vera gel, grinded sugar and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well together. Your anti-tanning scrub is ready.

Now apply this mixture on your black tanned skin and scrub it for sometime then leave it for 15 minutes. After drying clean it with a clean and dry cloth. Use it twice a week for better results. So what are you waiting for go and get whiten skin.   

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