Tamil Nadu: Heavy fire breaks out in Theni forest, 9 trekkers dead

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Theni: At Least nine trekkers including four women, a child, four men died as a fire breaks out in Kurangani hills reserve near Theni in Tamil Nadu on Sunday.

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As per the reports, Among 39 trekkers, 27 people have been evacuated. Nearly 18 trekkers have witnessed injuries.  The injured were taken to the government hospital to undergo treatment. Nearly nine trekkers lost their lives due to injuries. The evacuation operation is in process by Air Force.

There were about 27 Chennai people and other 12 people were from Erode and Tirupur. All of them were going back from a trek to the Kurangani hills on Sunday.

The groups began the trek on Friday night and reached the Kerala side of the forest by Saturday. On Sunday morning, the group began the trek from Kurangani on the Tamil Nadu border.

The photographs and video of the incident have gone viral on the social media.

“Forest authorities could be at mistake. They should have either stopped these people from going in, believing there have been sporadic and widespread forest fire during the last few days in the region,” official stated.

“15 people have been rescued from the fire so far. All rescued have been admitted to Bodinayyakanur government hospital for treatment. Special medical teams have been sent to Bodinayyakanur hospital,” Health Minister C Vijayabhaskar shared on twitter.

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The fire occurred in the afternoon when the students from Coimbatore and Erode were taking guidance in Kurangai-Kozhuku Hill area on Sunday.

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