Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa announces hike in pension to freedom fighters on Independence Day


CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha has claimed that certain measures are being taken up by the government to ensure growth in state's foodgrain production.

Last year, the record touched 130 lakh tonne while its higher education enrolments went up by 44.8 per cent. 

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On the occasion of 70th Independence Day, J Jayalalitha unfurled the national flag at Fort St George where she announced that the pension of freedom fighters will be raised by Rs 1,000.

Jayalalithaa said, “The AIADMK government was taking measures for the development of all sectors including priority sector, industrial sector and services sector.”

She said, “Year after year the state was cloking new achievements in foodgrains production due to implementation of model schemes for the welfare of farmers and to increase food production. "

“Last year,Tamil Nadu achieved highest ever production of 130 lakh tonne," she said. 

Noticing that her legislature was making different strides, for example, late morning dinner and issue of free portable workstations to empower understudies, she said it was likewise concurring 'high significance' to the advanced education part.

Tamil Nadu positioned first among different states following with a 44.8 for every penny ascend in confirmations in advanced education.

"In the most recent five years, 62 new universities and data innovation establishments and National Law School had been set up. It is hence that Tamil Nadu has enlisted a 44.8 for every penny ascend in expansion in advanced education confirmations", she said.

On the wellbeing area as well, Tamil Nadu had turned into a model state because of a few measures, including the Chief Minister's Health Insurance plan, maternity advantage plan.

She said because of accessibility of sufficient power, great foundation and talented workers, the mechanical development in the state had expanded.

Other than enormous manufacturing plants, there had been an expansion in the quantity of smaller scale, little and medium endeavors set up in the state, she included.

Jayalalithaa declared an expansion in the opportunity warriors annuity from existing Rs 11,000 to Rs 12,000 and family benefits to the lawful beneficiaries from Rs 5,500 to Rs 6,000.

She likewise said the extraordinary benefits given to the relatives of opportunity contenders who assumed a cruical part in the flexibility development would be expanded from Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000.

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