Taliban make further picks up in Afghan north


The militants grabbed the region of Khanabad, which interfaces Kunduz to Takhar and other northern regions, in the early morning, with substantial battling continuous in a few different areas, the authorities said 

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The Afghan Taliban caught a key region in the northern territory of Kunduz on Saturday, constraining troops to withdraw to the commonplace capital which fell quickly to the guerillas a year ago, authorities said. Battling has pointedly heightened in Afghanistan since the revolt began spreading from its conventional fortifications in the south and east of the nation to the once serene north. 

The aggressors grabbed the locale of Khanabad, which associates Kunduz to Takhar and other northern regions, in the early morning, with overwhelming battling continuous in a few different regions, the authorities said. 

"The Taliban assaulted the area from various positions and we opposed for a considerable length of time however we got no backing. The region tumbled to the Taliban," said Hayatullah Amiri, the Khanabad chief.Afghan authorities in Kabul say an absence of ammo and couple of fortifications are the primary explanations behind the region's tumble to the Taliban, why should looking for power the NATO-drove coalition out of Afghanistan and acquire Islamic law. 

The fall of Khanabad comes just five days after the Taliban caught an area in neighboring Baghlan territory, grabbing various government powers' vehicles and ammo. 

The common capital of Kunduz tumbled to the Taliban without precedent for September a year ago, one of the greatest triumphs for the activist gathering since they were removed from force by US and coalition strengths in late 2001. 

The brief catch of Kunduz city likewise underlined the becoming stronger of the Taliban and absence of security strengths' preparation, now battling to a great extent all alone since most universal troops finished their battle mission in 2014.

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