Take these measures at night to get shiny and strong hair


Nowadays everybody is troubled by the problem of hair loss. Every girl is beauty conscious and wants shiny hair.  When girl make different hairstyles in the wedding party, their beauty gets doubled. Girls often get bothered when their hair follicles get damaged. So, today we are telling you some tips that will help you get rid of this problem. Check out:

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Do not use elastic hair bands while sleeping at night. This can be the reason for hair breakdown. It maintains tension on the hair roots due to which hair gets weak.

Dry hair is much better than wet. Wet hair is very fragile, which is more likely to break them.

In the day-to-day work we could not focus on hair. Comb only when required. Hair gets entangled with this. Therefore, do not comb your hair before sleeping at night.

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Use of silk and satin pillows is hair friendly. Silk pillows are not rough. Therefore it is best for hair. It keeps your hair soft like silk. This causes less damage to your hair.