Take these measures on Saturday to make Shani happy


It is stated in the scriptures that Shani Dev gives every person the fruits according to his deeds. It is also believed that if a person has an inauspicious shadow of Saturn in the horoscope, he has to face many kinds of problems. If a person is blessed with the godsend of Saturn, then that person doesn’t witness any problem. If there is a fault of Saturn in your horoscope, then you must take these measures:

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(1) If you have saturn in your horoscope and you wanted to remove it, then offer water to any nearby peepal tree with the help of a utensil by touching both hands. Also, chant mantra ‘Oh Shan Shanisharai Namah’ while pouring water to peepal tree.

(2) To get rid of all your troubles, read Hanuman Chalisa. It is believed that Shani Dev always offer blessings on the devotees of Hanumanji. Due to the philosophy, by doing so, all the defects of Saturn are removed.

(3) If there is a problem of money in your house or if there is a saturn in your horoscope then every Saturday, in the evening, lit up the Chaumukha diya under the Peepal tree. This will help to increase wealth, glory and prosperity.

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(4) If you are also troubled by Shani’s defects then donate black stuff like urad dal, black cloth, black sesame and black gram to a poor on Saturday. By doing this, Shani’s grace will remain on your side. If you want to make Shani happy, then definitely follow these measures.