Take these measures to get peace at home!


It is said in our scriptures that if a person is blessed with Ganesha’s grace, then all his faults can be removed from his horoscope as well as obstacles coming in the work can also be eliminated. Today we are going to tell you about some measures which will make you to life happy and prosperous with the grace of Ganesha.

Reason why girls fast on Monday?

Shami’s leaves are considered very auspicious in the scriptures. It is believed that the leaves of Shami are offered to Shivaji along with Ganesha. When devotees offer Shami leaves to Ganesha, all the obstacles connected with the money are removed.

If you want to get rid of money related obstacles, want happy lifeĀ and prosperity at home, then offer turmeric in the worship of Ganesha and then after worship, keep this turmeric knot in the safe of your house.

Why Bride-groom Kundali is matched?

To make Ganesha happy, offer them yellow rice, keep in mind that the rice should not be broken. Apply the tilak of the vermilion to Ganeshji and then apply this vermillion as a tilak on his forehead.