Take care of the lips in Winter with Homemade Tips


The winter season has started. In this way, the skin starts becoming quite rigid. At the same time, lips also have an effect on the lips and lips begin to burst. The problem of the rupture of the lips in the winter season is also quite common, but some home remedies can be treated for cracking lips. Cold and dry winds move in the winter season, due to which the problem of bursting of the lips harms everyone.

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The skin of the lips is 10 times thinner than the other skin of the body. Therefore it is important to take special care of the lips.
Several measures can be taken to prevent the problem of rupture of lips in the winter season.
Rose water: Rose water is used in many ways. Gulabjal can also prove to be very important for getting rid of the cracking lips. Mix gulabjal and three-four drop glycerin in a small spoon for this. After this, applying lips on the lips 3-4 times a day will get rid of the problem of ruptures of the lips.

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Butter-butter can be used to make the lips moist. The light-weight massage of the butter on the lips can be found to remove the lips.

Mustard oil can also prove to be very beneficial to get rid of mustard oil-sprayed lips. Take 2-3 drops of mustard oil every morning in your navel. Its direct effect will be seen on the lips and lips will stop bleaching.