Taiwan earthquake death toll reaches nine, 62 missing

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HUALIEN: Death toll in Taiwan’s popular tourist city of┬áHualien earthquake has been raised and it has reached nine now and it is expected to increase. On Thursday, the after effects of earthquake hindered evacuation attempts as emergency workers entered through destroyed buildings seeking survivors.

6.4-magnitude hits Taiwan Tourist Area, 4 dead, 145 Missing

On Wednesday, earthquake of magnitude 5.7 hit Taiwan and natives witnessed several aftershocks.

6.4 magnitude earthquake strike the coastal city of Hualien on Tuesday at 1600 GMT that takes the lives of at least nine people and wounded 265 others. Four buildings get badly damaged in the earthquake.

As per the reports, over 150 people are missing in the debris of buildings.

Several people are still missing in a 12-storey housing building as it witnessed massive damage due to the earthquake.

About 100,000 people reside in Hualien district of Taiwan. It lanes were distorted by the pressure of the earthquake with big cracks on all famous roads.

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Two years back, 100 people lost their lives in 7.6 magnitude earthquake in southern Taiwan while over 2,000 people died in year 1999.

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