Tadoba tiger died in territorial fight at Nagpur


Chandrapur: The decomposed carcass of the tiger was found in Chandrapur (buffer) range on Thursday.

The investigations have disclosed that the feline was killed due to injuries caused by the territorial fight with another tiger.

At Moharli forest nursery, the Autopsy of the tiger was carried out. Moreover, the tiger was taken for overnight protection just after the incident.

In the compartment no. 592, the corpse of the tiger was found in a pond under Khandala beat on Thursday afternoon.

The forest officials have not identified the tiger yet and they have failed to match its strip pattern with those available in their record.

The veterinary doctors did not recognized the body of the tiger as it was totally decomposed.

“The tiger was old in age. Its upper left canine was broken, while other teeth were worn out. The animal sustained severe canine injury on one of its scapula (shoulder blade) and its spinal cord was broken suggesting that it had a serious fight with another tiger. The feline apparently failed to cope up with grievous injuries due the old age and succumbed” Deputy director, TATR (buffer), Gajendra Narwane said.

During the autopsy, State wildlife board members and honorary wildlife warden Bandu Dhotre was present as NTCA representative, while WII researcher, Anil Dashare was present as PCCF representative.

“The primary efforts have been put up by the doctors to match strip pattern of the dead tiger with those available in record have bore no fruits. They are once again taking upon elobrate comparison of the strip pattern for proper identification of the deceased tiger. He rubbished the rumours of dead tiger being Wagdoh male claiming that Wagdoh male tiger is alive and was sighted couple of days back.” Narwane said.